HIC.0648982    PLM.0288302-SP1    SPG.0000010
Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Pool Cleanings

Standard above ground and in ground pool openings include the following.....


-Vacuuming of pool with existing filter 

Skimming water surface

-Skimming leafs and debris off the water surface via net and pole

Filter Cleaning

-Thoroughly cleaning of cartridge filter

-Or backwashing of sand filter

-Or cleaning of D.E filter

 Motor Amp/Volt Test

-Using a digital meter to accurately test the amps and volts on the pump motor.

-Documenting results

 Water Chemistry Analysis

-Testing of Chlorine or Salt

-Testing of PH

-Testing of Alkalinity

-Testing of Total Hardness

-Testing of Cyanuric Acid

-Water Temperature reading

-Documenting results


Prices vary depending on pool size and location.