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In Ground Liner Install

Once the pool is drained the project is started by cutting the existing liner into small places. The liner pieces are folded neatly and placed in a location of the owners preference. The gaskets for the skimmers, return jets and main drains are also removed and discarded.  


Removing the old Liner


Once the existing liner is removed the vermiculite base and the steel panels are examined. Vermiculite is always on hand and any work needed is included in the installation cost. Rust issues on the steel walls and around the outlets are addressed as well. The skimmer and return jets will have new gaskets added in. 

Addressing whats underneath


Finally the new liner is set in place. A commercial vacuum is installed temporarily to suck the liner to the walls and vermiculite base. This method will keep the wrinkles out until the pool is filled with enough water. After the vacuum is removed the skimmer face plates and the return jets are reinstalled. 

Placing the new Liner

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