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Liner Installations

Standard above ground liner installations include the following.....

In-wall skimmer disconnect and reconnect

-In wall Skimmer is removed along with the return jet

-Gaskets are checked and replaced if necessary

-Gaskets are lubed

-In wall skimmer and return jet are placed in its original position once the liner is installed

Removal of Current Liner

-Last inch of water is drained from current liner

-Damaged liner is cut into smaller pieces

-Liner pieces are removed

-Liner is placed in an area chosen by the customer

Re-leveling Sand Surface

-Sand surface is inspected and checked for pockets

-Pockets are filled and tampered

-Sand perimeter is inspected and leveled

-Sand is resurfaced by push broom

New Liner Placement 

-The new liner is hung in place

-A vacuum is connected to minimize wrinkles

-4 to 6 inches of water is added

-wrinkles are pushed out by hand

-Top rail of pool is reassembled

Prices vary depending on pool size and location.

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